THE FAQs Here are a few questions we get asked quite often so to help you prepare for your event please take a quick look to see if any of your queries can be answered.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: This depends very much on the individual circumstances of each event. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: We primarily play Pop & Rock classics from the sixties right through to the latest chart hits, we have something for everybody.

Q: How long do you play for?

A: Usually somewhere in the region of two hours, but this is largely up to you. Typically we will play 2 x 1 hour sets, with a 20-30 minute break in between but we can be flexible to fit in with whatever schedule you may already have.

Q: How far will you travel?

A: This largely depends on your budget. We are based in, and play predominantly around, North Wales and the North West. However, we would consider most places in the UK, although travelling expenses and any accommodation would have to be reflected in the fee.

We are also happy to consider international travel upon request.

Q: Can I come and see you?

A: Naturally enough, most of our private functions are just that, but we heartily recommend that prospective clients come along to one of our public gigs to have a listen. We also have demo recordings available on our media page.These are live recordings so what you hear is what you will get.

Q: Do you do requests?

A: Of course! On the night we will always play any requests if we know them. For private events we will learn a song especially for your event, the more notice you can give us the better!

Q: Can one of my guests get up and sing with the band?

A: We welcome any one of your guests to come up and sing alone, or with the band for a special dedication or just for fun. If you know ahead of time please notify the band so we may prepare.

Q: Will the band have any special requirements at the event?

A: A suitable area to perform (see next FAQ: 'Will there be enough room for the band?' below) with at least 2-4 adjacent 240v power supplies. Access to changing facilities is sometimes desirable (particularly for more formal events) and basic refreshments help to keep us fuelled for a top performance. We usually require 2-3 parking spaces, one of which would be for a large, transit-style van. Timing wise, we usually require approximately 1 hour to set-up our equipment and carry out a suitable sound check.

Q: Will there be enough room for the band?

A: Chances are that your private venue will have at least as much space as some of the smaller pub venues, but a 14' x 10' minimum would be ideal. Minimum 6'4" headroom is also required, as well as suitable access for loading and unloading equipment.

Q: How long has the band been together?

45rpm have known each other since school and branched out into music straight from school, in various bands. 45rpm has existed as a band since 2001. The only change in this time being lead guitarist from Murph to Paul, Paul was auditioned and fits in perfectly.

Q: Are the band members we see going to be the musicians we get?

A: The band is a rehearsed and set group, always performing with the same members. We have 'deps' who cover the occasional holiday or other absence, and who have rehearsed and gigged with us on many occasions. So even though the band is a set group we cannot foresee every circumstance and we may perform as a different line up, we also play as a four piece band when requested (without Mel, our Female vocalist/guitarist).

Q: What if we cancel our event?

A: Payment usually takes the form of a 10% non-refundable deposit. And the remainder as cash on the night. But you will incurr costs if you cancel with less than 4 weeks to the event.

Q: Do I have to feed the band?

A: We would certainly appreciate the gesture, although it is by no means mandatory. We ask that you let us know so we may make provisions on our own if the band will not be fed. Snacks and soft drinks are usually ample. Drinking water must also be available.

Q: What does the band wear at private gigs?

A: Depending upon the event, the band will usually dress formally shirts and trousers. We tend to dress rather more casually at pub gigs so, if you are coming for a preview, please keep in mind that we do actually scrub up pretty well!

Q: Do you play CDs ?

A: We have a laptop computer and we have carefully selected sets of music we play before, inbetween and after our live sets. But you are welcome to bring an MP3 player with your own choice of music we can play this through our PA system.(s).

Q: Will the band be too loud?

A: We take volume and sound quality issues seriously and can tailor our sound to meet the requirements of your event, your guests and the venue.

Q: Do you carry back up equipment?

A: We try to have contingencies for all of our equipment. We carry spare instruments, strings, cables, batteries, microphones and amplification to all gigs and private events.